Tips for Attending Agency Interviews

When you are interviewing for marketing or publishing jobs you should make sure you ask questions. One of the best questions you can ask as an interviewee is how your interview panel have felt your interview has gone. By doing this, you’re able to rebuff any concerns and answer any further queries which have arisen during the interview process. That way when it comes to hearing how you’ve done, you can’t be caught short by concerns in interview.

When you get given that phone call telling you that you have been successful enough to be offered an interview it’s a feeling of elation followed by that ‘Help!’ feeling. There are a few ways to prepare yourself for interviews for various roles and if you are going for an interview in marketing, you should ensure you enter your potential new business feeling confident and in control instead of like a pupil in trouble with the head teacher. Making sure you’ve read your interview instructions carefully sounds like a relatively easy instruction but you would be surprised. All the information you have been sent by your potential business is as important as the initial letter that says ‘you are invited for interview’ and that is so important to remember.

On the flipside to that, if you haven’t had any kind of brief sent to you, you may just be required to turn up turned out well and answer their questions with nothing else on top. If you have found work with companies like, you should be briefed on the type of role for which you will be interviewing. When you’re choosing your clothes to wear for your interview, be smart about it – literally. Choose smart clothes. A business suit is the best option for an interview as what you want to do is project a professional and positive image of yourself to this business. Ultimately you want them to hire you and they cannot do that if you do not look the part. If you are interviewing for a digital marketing position, bring examples of your work on a USB drive, as that way you can show some of your work that you have done to the interviewer.

Marketing AgenciesYou can be as relaxed and as focused as you like but the nerves may still kick in. Don’t worry about that though, nerves are okay as long as you don’t give in to them. Take your time between questions and breathe before you answer. If you need extra time to answer a question, say so. They would rather have an interviewee who answers carefully and knows their stuff than one who stumbles over trying to give the answer they want to hear. Make sure you have prepared yourself beforehand but don’t overdo it – you don’t want to start going into too much detail with your answers and bore them! Nothing is guaranteed no matter how polished and prepared you are but all you can do is turn up on time, answer the questions in a timely manner and overall, have fun with it! You are talking to potential new employers, not mafia bosses so relax and enjoy.