Select Your Video Production Strategy

Select Your Video Production Strategy

You need strategy wherever you are. This applies to corporate video production. A good video production strategy must be in place for a variety of reasons. Your goal is clear if you have a strategy. Your resources will also be maximized with a strategy in place. In contrast, last of strategy can waste time, energy and resources. It can also drag a company into the wrong direction. So, select your video production strategy so that you can channel your energy and resources on it. There are several strategies to choose from like You can select or combine strategies depending on your overall corporate plan.


Brand Awareness Strategy

This isself-explanatory. The purpose of this strategy is to increase brand awareness. If you are carrying a brand, your video production will be geared toward increasing awareness of your specific brand. To do this, you may need to analyze your niche and micro-niche in the market. Today’s consumer is very discriminating and intelligent. You need to get into their minds to be able to pull off an excellent video production for your brand. Increasing brand awareness can be both easy and difficult. If can be difficult for those who are indulging in a different brand. It can be easy for loyal customers.

Client and Lead Strategy

This strategy relies on the premise that the marketing chain can go beyond your loyal customer. The premise is that by producing lead, you can create a client or a new customer. This is difficult to visualize, but if you can pull this off, this can give plenty of opportunities to increase sales and the company bottom line. By designing a corporate video to do this exactly you can try to pull off the lead strategy. You will be giving leads to viewers so that brand awareness can be done. This may not look easy to do, but those who tried the strategy have reported success in the effort.

Showcase Strategy

The showcase strategy is the boasting strategy. It consists of letting viewers have a good look at your product or brand. You need a word of caution here. If not done correctly, this may backfire on you. Your video production must be done with caution. If possible, you may need to do a trial viewing from a selected audience. In this way, you can identify whether the strategy will work or not. Having a trial will spare you the cost of fallout or a backfire. Those who did not take precautions have reaped something unwanted.

Promotional Strategy

A promotional strategy is used by existing and new products. In the corporate video you may need to promote on two front, online and offline. The offline promotion is traditional. You can promote on selected locations or do a print advert. Online promotion is more complicated. You need to establish a verifying system and a delivery system. You need to tailor your corporation video production to your promotion. Everything must be in place, says

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How to design your table talkers

Table talkers are one of the frequently used methods of advertising especially for pubs, bars, and restaurants. However, this type of advertisement is not really usually known because people do not really know what is it called. The table talker is the three side advertisement that is commonly seen on the tables. Since this type of advertisement is very common and if you are thinking of having this, then you should know how to design your table talker.

Designing your table talker depends on your preference. Usually, the design depends on the business owners preference, especially on the colors and the font design. It is best if the business owner will give his or her ideas first. Then afterwards, the staff from the printing company will give his or her ideas on how to make the design table talkers.

So first, you have to choose a color. Since the table talkers are usually made of three to four parts then it is best to choose colors which are complementing each other. Do not choose colors that are contrasting because they may not look attractive. Moreover, it is best to choose colors that can easily catch the attention of the people.

44377510The next important thing that you have to do is to choose the font design or the font text. In choosing, you have to consider how serious is your advertisement and also think of who is your desired client. For instance, children get attracted with funny looking fonts and adults get attracted with the size of the letters. With regards to the color, just see to it that the font color will surely match with the background color.

Third, it is very important to choose the right pictures if necessary. Choose a picture that will say the message of the advertisement. Do not make your clients think much about the advertisement because it is best to be straight to the point. Choose clear pictures and not pixelated ones.

Lastly, choose the right message for your table talker. Make sure that the message is clear for your target clients to see. It is best to choose words that are easy and at the same time catchy. If you choose words that are too common, then probably people will not bother reading your advertisement. Also, make sure that it is visible enough to be seen by your clients.

If you want, you can also choose a printing company who has templates already and all you have to do is to edit online. That would be convenient for people who are very busy to visit printing shops.

In summary, the table talker is indeed one of the best ways to reach to your clients because they are so direct. Table talkers will be more effective if it has been designed well. It is also important to choose the right company who can help you with your design. In case you do not know where to start, choose

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