Gift Ideas for Your Boss

So you may have been invited to your boss’ birthday party or celebration of his “X” number of years in the business. You have already decided on what to wear but you are faced with an issue of what to give him or her. This is tricky because you must buy something that is memorable and that will make an impact without making it too expensive to have others thinking some other things. Here are some of the best ideas for gift items you can give your boss.


What better way to remind your boss of your timeliness by giving him or her, a watch? It does not have to be fancy and expensive but it has to look decent enough that your boss would not hesitate to wear it either at work or simply when he or she is going out. Take a look at the watches he has been wearing and observe what your recipient’s preferences are.


Most corporate leaders’ lives are attached to the tip of their pen. Paper works are often the meat of a day’s work. They say a fancy pen creates the highest quality of results and it somehow is reflective of the person holding it. Find a formal sign pen with a design, color and look that symbolizes your boss. He or she may not use it immediately but soon, a time will come when the need for a pen becomes so desperate that he takes out your gift and finally puts it to use.

vintage-1301801_960_720Customized Calendar

Most leaders got to their positions and became a boss because of being time bound. To do this they need to constantly check the time and schedule their activities 3 – 6 weeks ahead. Your boss is a firm believer in planning activities well so he might need something to help him with that. A calendar is an important part of his routine. Create an impact by giving him a calendar customized with his name, emblem, or photograph. Printing shops such as can help you with your calendar printing needs from design to delivery.


Even if your boss is not a fan of coffee or any caffeinated products for that matter, he or she will still need a mug for a variety of things. He may need it for brushing his or her teeth, drinking his favorite milk or as a container for his or her pens and other writing materials. Regardless of how he or she uses it a mug is a necessity and anybody who fills in a necessity becomes significant.


If your boss is a male then giving him a tie to match his everyday corporate attires would be a good idea. Most men do not take a lot of time in buying ties and receiving one at random times of the year will definitely be a good surprise.

Regardless of what you plan to give to your boss, always remember that it’s the thought that counts and that the giver is always more significant than the gift.

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